Fifth Grade Supply List

Fifth Grade

1 pair of headphones/earbuds with a standard sized 3.5 mm jack (not wireless)

3 poly-plastic pocket folders with brads/fasteners/prongs (solid colors)  1 must be red (see image below) 

poly-plastic 2 pocket folders with brads / fasteners / prongs                           

24  #2 pencils (Ticonderoga or Dixon preferred for their quality)

1 pair of 5” Fiskars scissors

7 marble composition notebooks

6 large Elmer’s disappearing purple glue sticks (no bottles)

3 large pink erasers

12 packs of 100 3” x 3” Post-It notes– yellow color is preferred

3 highlighters (any color)

1 large box of tissues

1 pkg. of loose-leaf notebook paper

1 4-pack of dry erase markers

1 small container of Clorox wipes

1 box of 8 thin Crayola markers

1 box of 12 Crayola Colored pencils


*Each teacher may request additional specific classroom items.