Mindfulness is the process of being present in the moment and acknowledging your thoughts and feelings. Practicing mindfulness allows us to remain calm and not overreact to what is going on around us. 

Seven Ideas for Mindfulness at Home

Visit the FCPS Healthy Minds Blog for information on how to incorporate Mindfulness into your daily routine. Learn 7 specific strategies and how these strategies can be implemented in the home to support your student(s) social-emotional development!

Seven Ideas for Incorporating Mindfulness into Your Routine While Children are Home


Mindful Breathing Workbook

This interactive workbook will allow your student to learn various breathing strategies that promote mindfulness including “taking 5,” “hot chocolate breathing,” and more! Your student will also be able to reflect on how these strategies make them feel.


Mind Yeti Videos

See below for Mindfulness videos created by Mind Yeti! Learn about Mindfulness, the Brain, and how to ignore HubBubs to keep your student focused on the present!