Seven Hollin Meadows Staff Members Recognized with an FCPS Cares

By Department of Human Resources
June 24, 2019

Congratulations to Ann Jopke, Matt Rivera, Tamara Wilson, Tonja Walden, Maura McVeigh, Viki Wilson, and Anna Webb on being recognized as the April 2019 FCPS Cares Recipient of the Month recipients! 

Below is the write up from a parent of a Hollin Meadows student."Ms. Jopke, Mr. Rivera, Ms. Wilson, and Ms. Walden, have all been coaches for our Girls on the Run team this spring season. We have 34 girls on our team, in the second season for our school. Being a coach requires several training sessions, and 10 weeks of practices, twice a week for nearly 2 hours after school...and they commit to run a 5k with these girls. Ms. Wilson and Ms. Walden are also first-year teachers at the school.  All of these teachers not only put in a full day at work, but they go the extra mile to do this club for the girls and do an amazing job. Mrs. McVeigh, Ms. Viki Wilson, and Ms. Webb, have all been regularly volunteering with our Girls on the Run team and committed to being Buddy Runners (an adult runner) for one of the girls, during the end-of-season 5k.These teachers also are dedicating their time after school to be with the girls in the club, putting in the physical effort to help push the girls, and committing weekend time to ensure girls have a Buddy Runner. All of these teachers are putting in so much extra time and effort into an already long day for them, and really impacting the lives of the girls in our program. It is not going unnoticed by any of the parents of the girls in the program, or the other parents who coach alongside them. We are so thankful for their commitment to the girls in this program and school.