Mrs. Bowman Recognized as FCPS Cares of the Month Recipient!

October 2018 FCPS Cares Region 3 Recipient

By Department of Human Resources
January 31, 2019
cathy bowman and jon gates
Second-grade teacher Cathy Bowman poses with Principal Jon Gates. Ms. Bowman was recognized as the FCPS Cares of the Month Region 3 recipient for October 2018 by the FCPS Department of Human Resources.

Congratulations to second-grade teacher Cathy Bowman on being recognized as the October FCPS Cares Recipient of the Month for Region 3 by the Department of Human Resources. Congratulations, Mrs. Bowman!

Below is the write up submitted by the Hollin Meadows PTA 1st Vice President. 

I am the Hollin Meadows PTA 1st Vice President responsible for afterschool clubs. This year I created a new club, the Multicultural Club, that celebrates the diversity of our school community by having parents introduce the students to their home countries through culture, food, music, arts & more. As the start date approached I was one session volunteer short and was concerned that we would not be able to proceed. When Mrs. Bowman (a second-grade teacher at the school) heard this, she immediately agreed to present the first session. She prepared an entire presentation on Sweden, the home country of her father-in-law.  She prepared home-made Swedish meatballs & Swedish potatoes and made the beverage Glogg. She created an arts & crafts project which took a lot of advance preparation. Mrs. Bowman purchased supplies and created a presentation about the history & geography of the country using photos and videos.  At the end of the session, the students were having such a good time, they did not want to leave.  Mrs. Bowman refused to take money for all that she purchased and wouldn't even let me wash the dishes.  I am grateful to Mrs. Bowman for stepping up in a big way to rescue the fledgling Multicultural Club and presenting such a thoughtful and fun session to the students.